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April’s Challenge

Posted by on April 3, 2012

I have been trapped in a artist rut lately…for a long time actually.   This past fall I was cast as an artist in a film, and I had to break out all my art mediums and my work.  As I was preparing for the role, I realized how much I used to draw and paint.   It was a huge part of my life and once I went to Centenary and started designing, I didn’t have the time for it as all my time went to sewing.  One of my goals for 2012 was to get back to my roots and start creating more art outside of sewing and designing.  When I have a day off I always have a list of things I wish to do: sew, paint, sketch, build, etc.. and nothing ever pans out because I don’t know where to start, or I am not inspired on what to paint.  So I picked up this book to help kick start my brain.  There are project prompts for every day of the year, which can be followed, changed or ignored.  It’s designed to help inspire and push past those ruts we often get stuck in.  I am trying to narrow down the mediums and theme I want to use.  Maybe a horse or owl a day and stick to paints?  Maybe I will just keep it open and not choose a theme.  Either way, I will decide by this weekend. I can’t wait to start!

For April I am also doing the Fat Mum Slim Photo Challenge.  It will be difficult to do all of this creating in between work and rehearsal (I’m currently in a  production of The Crucible) but I am determined.  And if I say I am going to do it on here, well then I have to.

April 1st – Reflection

I took this photo while on a bike ride to the park.  It was a chilly out so I have a hoodie on and a coat!

April 2nd – Colour

Taken in my studio.

Now I’m off to decorate an egg for a contest at work tomorrow!  Easter is almost here!!